Do your homework when choosing a home builder

Whether you are making plans to build your dream home in Sarasota County with a custom home builder or you have plans to remodel your existing home and transform it into your dream home, you do want to take a few preliminary steps to ensure that your plans are executed without a hitch. One of [...]

A Custom Home Builder Turns Dreams Into Reality

Building a home can be a complicated, stressful event. Hiring a custom builder like Watts Humphrey of Black Turtle Builders ensures professional and experienced management to turn your dreams into reality. He and his crew are more than capable of handling the entire project from the engineering and design to the construction phase.   There [...]

Turning your dreams into reality

It can be impossible to find an existing home that is your ideal dream home. You can spend weeks and even months looking at listings and never find the home that you really want. At some point, it may have crossed your mind to simply build a custom home that is built to your specifications, [...]

Deciding to build a custom home in Sarasota

  Many people make the decision to build a custom home rather than to buy an existing home because they cannot find the ideal home in the perfect location. By choosing to build a custom home, you can build a home on any lot that you choose. The home can be designed exactly to your [...]