Sarasota Home Builder & Remodeler

Welcome to Black Turtle Builders, a Sarasota licensed contractor with a range of experience throughout Sarasota in home remodeling, condominium Sarasota remodeling, building home additions, conducting historical restoration and Sarasota repairs of classic local homes, and as a top-quality Saraosta custom home builder.

If you are wondering where to turn to end your worries about whether a job will be done right, if cost and price will really stay fixed, and if promises for when work will be complete are fact or fantasy - look no further...

Black Turtle Builders of Sarasota is more of a perfectionaist than you are:

We Plan and supervise every step of the way
We are obsessive about underlying details you don't see, but that guarantee the beauty lasts
We are exact with your money and time: fixed pricing and schedules don't waver a dime or a day
We deliver flawless results on your first inspection

Most importantly, we love what we do, and I personally guarantee that you'll enjoy every minute of it too

Call me when you're ready to do your next project

Watts Humphrey
Watts Humphrey
President, Black Turtle Builders