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Black Turtle Builders is a firm you can trust to bring your vision to reality. A builder who will exceed your expectations, and that of your most exacting clients.

Owner Watts Humphrey is an unusually qualified contractor — an MIT-trained engineer with a background at some of the world’s leading construction companies. He has the technical knowledge to build highly demanding jobs, and the attention to detail to perfectly execute the smallest. When you work with Black Turtle Builders, you can rest assured that your creative instruction and intent will be realized expertly, quickly and efficiently.

Call Watts for a meeting and a complimentary consultation on your next project. He will be happy to offer his expertise and if desired, to submit a bid.

Thank you for the great job you did on the replacement of our stairway at Hidden Bay. As we both know, there is no such thing as a simple job. While this would have seemed to qualify as one, it wasn’t, and you were able to work your way through all of the engineering and code issues very smoothly and deliver a nice finished product in the timeframe you promised.

Being a builder myself, it is nice to know that you are a resource I can count on when additional work needs to be completed on my second home in Sarasota or on property owned by our association. I won’t hesitate to recommend you to my friends as well.Wayne Magee - Magee Construction Co. - Cedar Falls, Iowa